Email: []( Github: []( LinkedIn: []( ## Meteor Packages * [numtel:lazy-bundles]( Create bundles for lazy-loading components, optionally with authentication * [numtel:pg]( Reactive PostgreSQL `SELECT` statement result sets * [numtel:pg-server]( Run PostgreSQL server inside your Meteor app * [numtel:mysql]( Reactive MySQL `SELECT` statement result sets * [numtel:mysql-server]( Run MySQL server inside your Meteor app * [numtel:webcomponent]( Using Polymer's underlying `webcomponents.js` polyfill library, convert any Meteor template into a custom element * [numtel:benchmark-packages]( Perform benchmarks while testing your Meteor packages * [numtel:phantomjs-persistent-server]( PhantomJS daemon to allow performing operations without having to start new instance for each operation * [numtel:template-from-string]( Create Meteor templates from string instead of from an `html` file ## Node.js Packages * [pg-live-select]( Provide events on updated PostgreSQL `SELECT` result sets * [mysql-live-select]( Provide events on updated MySQL `SELECT` result sets * [sails-mysql-live-select]( Sails.js integration for mysql-live-select * [zongji]( MySQL binary log tailer for Node.js ## Example Applications * [Reactive MySQL example]( Scoreboard application made using `mysql-live-select`, Express, SockJS, and React * [How to use Tinytest to test a Meteor application]( No extra packages needed, just write a `package.json` file! * [Sails.js Chat Application with real time MySQL backend]( Chat room example application with live real time data from MySQL using mysql-live-select ## Other Projects * [Shadow Styles Library]( CSS Isolation for any element or for polyfilled Shadow DOM CSS Isolation in conjunction with Polymer's `webcomponents.js` * [Snorb Terrain Editor]( Made with Three.js and WebGL, [see repository]( ## Media * [Meteor Interviews - SQL and Meteor]( Podcast interview with Paul Dowman from OK GROW! * [Meteor Beyond Mongo: A Look at reactive PostgreSQL]( From Meteor Devshop SF April 2015 - *The demonstrated memory leak has since been fixed!* * [Exploring lazy-loaded templates + Updated MySQL package]( From Meteor Devshop SF January 2015 * [Exploring Reactive MySQL]( From Meteor Devshop SF December 2014