Nano Currency (RaiBlocks) Paper Wallet Generator

Based on the RaiWebWallet source code. This code is licensed GPL v3.

This page may be used offline, download the source code zip and open index.html in your web browser.

  1. The wallet accounts are generated from a 32 byte seed input as a 64 character long hexadecimal string.

    Click "Use Random" to select a random value using nacl.js.

    Back up the wallet seed somewhere safe. You may also print this page after generation.

    Anyone who knows it is able to generate your private keys, thus having access to your funds.

  2. Up to 232 accounts may be addressed from a single seed. Please select which account to generate a private key/address pair.

    By default, RaiWallet uses the 0th account. The desktop wallet seems to start with 0-2.

  3. Click the button to generate a account key/address pair that you may import into other wallet applications.